About Me

I am a computer engineering graduate. I love to write and research the latest tech. I am also a projector enthusiast and blogger based In Jackson Mississippi for a few years. I am studying and writing about my user experience with projectors on my Projectors blog. My blog name Is ProjectorsWise.

Undergraduate Degree:
CSE (Computer science and engineering)

My Dream:
I am trying to make my blog (ProjectorsWise.com) the best projector resources blog.

Who will Benefit from ProjectorsWise.com:
ProjectorsWise is actually for those who are looking for an authentic projector user experience, buying guide, and how to solve the type of projector’s problems.

Who will share with me the projector’s user experiences:

Anyone can share with ProjectorsWise projector’s user experiences from real life. ProjectorsWise will publish it on our blog for those looking for that information. So, feel free to contact me from here.

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  • E-mail: hello@projectorswise.com